About Us

Brad and Carla Phillips met in 2016 and were married in 2019. They have raised three successful children and three mostly well behaved dogs that they enjoy training. While Lexi passed away in April 2023 after living a full and beautiful 14 years, Scooby and Jazzy still accompany them to work on most days. You are always welcome to stop in for a visit with Scooby and Jazzy. Their schedule stays fairly free.

Brad and Carla began Redemption Services in 2021 after feeling a greater calling on their lives. They had both lived and experienced a past in which they have now found a purpose and plan. There are so many ways that it has been said…

“A setback is a set up for a come back.”
“A test is a testimony in progress.”
“For every one valley, there are two mountains.”

Brad and Carla firmly believe that there can be a purpose to every problem and they are hopeful that they can help others find Redemption!

Carla graduated in 1999 from Lee University with a Bachelors in Psychology. After beginning her career in Social Work, she completed her Master’s in Social Work and received her LICSW in 2007. Carla has worked extensively with Children and Families at New River Ranch Children’s Home since 1999. She worked there as the caseworker, therapist and finally was named the Executive Director in 2013. Carla further expanded her skills when she began to offer telehealth services through a national platform during the pandemic, where she continues to serve her regular clients.

Brad and Carla have a compassion for the hurting unlike most others. They have a drive to make a true change in the world that is not externally motivated or for financial gain, but it is to satisfy what they feel is their own life’s purpose. They have put together a like minded team of therapists and paraprofessional providers to offer the best service to the community. Brad and Carla intend to be the most sought after agency to help the hurting in all of central and southern WV.

Redemption Services is currently accepting clients! Schedule today! We’ve been waiting for you!